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At Imprint Talent Readiness we value the relationships that we cultivate and maintain with our partners, You. We continuously aim to deliver on our core values of Integrity, Excel & Improve, Collaborate and Own It by exercising the following:

  • Live in your world first…be curious and interested

  • Be innovative and have a growth mindset

  • Be fully committed to succeed

  • Delight and surprise you

  • Never misrepresent our products and services

  • Keep confidences

  • Have fun and be easy to work with

  • Respond to you within 24 hours

  • Offer a performance guarantee

We also strive to build our partner community with like-minded business leaders, such as you, who recognize the importance of applying science-driven insights to leverage and align talent to achieve results.

We invite you to join us in our Partner Referral Program. We realize that referring your valued relationships is testament to your trust in us, something we do not take for granted. In appreciation for your referral, we offer a gift to you:

  • When your referring organization partners with us, we will make a $500 donation to a charity of your choice.

Upon receiving your referral, we will keep you informed during the process and send you confirmation when the referral has partnered with us so you can inform us of your charity of choice. All referrals will be managed with prompt and courteous attention.




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