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Employee Readiness Business Coach



Insight, analytics, action. The Imprint Talent Readiness team has worked together for several years—in fact, Chris and Ana are longtime partners in business and marriage who’ve brought their sons into the fold—so we’re adept at integrating our efforts to deliver what you need. A lot of businesses in our space generate reports; we generate results. There’s a difference.

Employee Readiness Business Coach

Chris Quinn, Co-Founder and President


As a C-level executive and entrepreneur, Chris has walked in your shoes. Like you, he’s felt the pain of hiring mistakes.

In 40+ countries, in multimillion-dollar companies, Chris has held roles from sales to Corporate Officer & President. Along the way he stayed curious, questioning hiring, retention, and management practices based on poor predictors and cognitive biases. Ever the disruptor, he moved upstream by applying science-driven insights to talent challenges.

Helping growth-minded clients find, manage, and value their talent with psychometrics and KPIs requires a dynamic, insightful approach. Chris stays close, stays responsive as clients push through often uncomfortable change. The reward? Seeing them realize meaningful business impacts.

Chris comes from a long line of independent thinkers and doers; his mother was leaning in way before it was a book. Service was also important in his family; Chris continued that tradition as a Marine.

Giving back now includes coaching CEOs and emerging business leaders. With his wife, Chris also provides marriage mentoring for engaged couples.

Employee Readiness Business Coach

Ana Quinn, Co-Founder


Ana brings method, order, and high energy to Imprint’s operations and client services. As a seasoned project and operations manager, talent management and career coach, and passionate about marketing communications and strategic development (one look at her resume and you will see how relevant her diverse experiences are to her work), Ana is dedicated to ensuring your successful experience with the Predictive Index and Imprint’s resources.

Collaboration and transparency are Ana’s air and water. She sees clients as partners who bring not only their needs to the table, but seeds—she manages expectations up front to understand your business challenges and convert them to solutions by applying science-driven insights. Lines of communication are open and flowing.

Ana’s secret sauce? Tenacity. Determination. A positive mindset. Her parents fled Cuba with the clothes on their backs and built successful lives as US citizens. Ana herself survived a major health crisis in her 20s while she was in grad school, working full time. She became a fighter who could find a resolution for any issue, large or small.

Every decade, Ana sets herself a “small” personal challenge, just for fun. She has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, picked up running several years ago, and recently ran her first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. Who knows what she will conquer next?

Employee Readiness Business Coach

Kevin Quinn, Account Executive


As both hunter and farmer for Imprint’s sales team, Kevin never stops promoting the “happy brain” benefits of the Predictive Index. He’d like new and existing clients to use PI to maximize the talent they already have and boost their efficiency with better management practices.


A BA in economics and business gave Kevin the range to join companies involved in cyber security, electronic medical records, and SaaS (he landed the first SaaS customer in his company’s history). Specializing in forecasting and data analysis made working with Imprint’s people data a natural move.


Kevin zeroes in on where clients are coming from, what they’re dealing with and their potential challenges. Achieving beyond the goal is his goal; he doesn’t stop trying to help companies solve business problems and envision how PI could fulfill their short- and long-term growth goals.


We’ve all had a cool early-career job. Kevin’s was Covid testing ACC athletes during the pandemic—seven-foot superstars who were just regular folks at 5:00 am. Beyond his secret ambition to play in March Madness, Kevin would like to travel to Spain and Havana to explore family roots and perfect the art of living well.

Employee Readiness Business Coach

Liam Quinn, Account Executive


As a former recruiter for IT and life sciences companies, Liam is uniquely positioned for his role on Imprint’s sales team. He gets how difficult it is to find the right person for the right job, what’s needed for the perfect fit and what’s at stake.


Joining Imprint as an account executive has given Liam a chance to continue working with the Predictive Index, which he’d already been using to identify, recruit and onboard candidates. With both new and existing Imprint clients, he finds exploring possibilities over the PI water cooler pretty much irresistible.


Liam uses a direct and consistent communication style to satisfy his curiosity, from a business perspective, about what clients are going through and what they need to remedy. His drivers are transparency, service and authenticity—there’s not much difference between “work” Liam and “personal” Liam.


“As corny as it sounds,” Liam and brother Kevin both cite their parents as personal heroes who’ve been generous with their time and professional knowledge. When he’s not working, Liam likes to travel (he’s constantly researching his next trip).

Imprint Talent Readiness Business Consultant NC

Emily Holland, Executive Assistant


An admin pro through and through, Emily specializes in variations—in personalities, perspectives and ideas. As she’s climbed the ladder to executive assistant at warp speed, she’s made an art of zeroing in on each client’s work style and vision to offer laser-guided support as they bring their dreams to life.


Emily finds Imprint’s focus on growth and empowerment incredibly motivating; she’s always enjoyed being part of something bigger than herself. Volunteer work anchored her during a rocky childhood; at 19, she struck out on her own, moving cross-country with $100 in her pocket. She survived and succeeded with tenacity and sheer determination. She learned to approach every situation—business or personal—with compassion and curiosity, honing her ability to walk in another’s shoes and find a solution for every challenge.


In addition to her passion for work, Emily loves exploring new places and going on adventures with her two dogs. She’s a devoted history buff (“anything about the past that helps me understand people”), an avid hiker and a coffee connoisseur.

Imprint Talent Readiness Business Consultant NC

Lora Shipman, Social Media Strategist


Lora brings over 30 years of marketing expertise to the Imprint Talent Readiness team. She kickstarted her career at Ernst and Young in Miami, where she fine-tuned her marketing skills within the Health Care Consulting Department. Later, at Sunglass Hut International, she broadened her knowledge in vendor relations, store manager incentive programs, communications, and employee training.


Since 2007, Lora has specialized in digital marketing, focusing on content marketing and brand awareness across various industries, including business coaching, data security, healthcare, and real estate.


With her diverse client background, Lora offers a fresh perspective to each marketing project she works on. She's dedicated to helping businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and busy executives craft engaging content for social media, blogs, email campaigns, and more. Her aim is simple: boost brand awareness, attract the right clients, and position her clients as industry leaders.


Outside of work, Lora enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and kayaking with her husband and Shih Tzu, Tatsu.

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