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Coaching Services

I am a leadership coach who assists professionals to achieve their fullest potential. My approach comes from a place of ‘Serving’ vs ‘Pleasing’ so you become the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. This will involve asking you challenging questions in a respectful manner while listening carefully so I understand your reality.

I support those who are brave enough and motivated to build a better future for themselves…to achieve what is possible, not probable for themselves.

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Utilizing a variety of tools and frameworks, I partner with individuals with the intent of maximizing their personal and professional impact by setting clear objectives, balancing their ambitions and priorities and managing their time and energy effectively.

For individual coaching, please contact….Ana Quinn at


For group leadership development programs, learn more at: CHRIS QUINN LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT


Emerging Leader Program, Director, Business Intelligence

"The Vistage Emerging Leader program pushed me out of my comfort zone, exposing me to leadership tools, world-class speakers, peer-led accountability and which resulted in growth which greatly benefitted me and my organization."

Coaching, Principal Engineer

"Ana did an excellent job of asking meaningful questions to get to the heart of my core concerns and areas to focus on in my role. She was very empathetic and gave me insightful feedback."


Imprint Talent Readiness has been featured in an article titled

"9 Reasons Why Servant Leaders Make the Best Executive Coaches"

"Chris and Ana Quinn offer deep insights into the topics of servant leadership and executive coaching. Together they founded Imprint Talent Readiness nearly two decades ago to help identify and inspire every employee’s full potential."

If you're looking to expand your leadership skills, look no further than ITR! ITR is prepared to provide you with the tools to become the best version of yourself, all from a servant leader mindset. Continue reading to learn more about how this approach can be very beneficial to your own leadership approach.

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